Rapid Impact Compactor Specifications

Height of rig

Length of rig

Width of rig

Approx. working weight

Ram weight

Max drop

Max energy

Blows per minute

Foot diameter

25 feet

31 feet

12 feet

57.6 t

7t or 6t

4 feet

61,000 ft-lbs


5 feet

The Rapid Impact Compactor is a welcome supplement the current suite of ground improvement tools available to the ground engineering community. Its’ versatility can provide engineers with a more cost effective means of dealing with poorly compacted or loose shallow deposits.

The following are some key operational features of the equipment:

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ON Board Computer

The Rapid Impact Compactor employs an on-board computer to control impact set termination criteria, and to record critical data. Acquired data at each impact point include: total energy input, total penetration, and penetration of final set.

Measured noise levels are on the order of 88 dBA at 20 feet.

Ground Vibrations

At 100 feet the peak particle velocities have been measured to vary from 0.05 to 0.2 in/sec. Vibrations will vary with material type, and will increase as the degree of compaction achieved increases. Results to date indicate that without site specific testing, a safe working distance to structures can be on the order of 20 feet.


Having the RIC mounted on a tracked machine gives it the versatility to move about in narrow and limited height spaces, such as within existing warehouses.