rapid impact piers

Rapid Impact Piers (RIP) was founded and has been a licensee of Geopier and The Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier™ System since 2008. The system is a patented proprietary ground improvement system that comprises a series of piers constructed of uniformly graded aggregate (or stone) installed using specialized equipment.

Aggregate Piers are a series of crushed stone pillars placed with a vibrating tool into the soil below a proposed structure. This method of ground improvement is also called vibro replacement. Such techniques increase the load bearing capacity and drainage of the soil while reducing settlement and liquefaction potential. Stone columns are made across the area to be improved in a triangular or rectangular grid pattern. They have been used in Europe since the 1950s, and in the United States since the 1970s. Column depth depends on local soil strata, and usually penetrates weak soil.

Rapid Impact Piers uses this technology for aggregate piers at a wide variety of sites and applications, many of which are detailed in the solutions portion of this site.

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